Quick Steps to get a Japan Tourist Visa (Philippine Passport)


Here are two quick steps to getting your Japan Visa this 2015:

STEP1: Prepare required documents


  • Valid Philippine Passport
  • Visa Application form
  • Photo with white background  (4.5cm x4.5cm )
  • Itinerary of Travel/ Daily Schedule in Japan (TAIZAI NITTEIHYO)
  • Bank Certificate
  • Birth Certificate
  • Marriage Certificate
  • ITR (Income Tax Return or Form 2316)
  • Additional documents*

*Additional documents: If you want to include helpful documents  to boost your chances of approval, it is highly encouraged. Example is a copy of your e-ticket/ return ticket, copy of your booked accommodation/ confirmed hotel reservations, a good one also is Employment certificate or a simple letter of “grant of leave from work” written by your boss.

*to avoid hassles , bring the original copy and a photocopy of all documents. (They will return the original copy once reviewed by agency)

STEP2: Pick a travel agency and schedule an appointment

You cannot process your papers thru any other route. There are only 7 accredited agencies that are recognized by the Japanese embassy to collect and process your papers . Beware of other agencies that offer otherwise.

click HERE for accredited agencies

When you have scheduled an appointment, make sure you bring the requirements above and its photocopies, prepare also for the agency fee (check your agency website). Japan Visa is GRATIS- No fees are imposed by the embassy of Japan to applicants who are granted a visa .Only the agency fee is what you will be paying.

Upon arriving in the agency, they will check your original documents and collect the photocopy of each. To avoid delays, prepare documents beforehand and completely fill up the visa application form you printed. Your passport will also be collected. You will be informed by your agency via text once your passport is ready for pick-up. As of the moment, be positive and pray your visa is coming soon 🙂


Q: “How long will I wait for the results of my application?”

A: Its hard to tell, but we got ours after 7days. Agencies have claimed it takes 7-10 days waiting time

Q: “How much amount is needed to be visible in the Bank certificate?”

A:  Some say to ensure a 6-digit number, but to be honest I didn’t have a 6-digit number in my bank when I applied for a 7-day trip. Maybe its safe if your account has been around for more than 3months, and the amount in there should justify that you can  financially support yourself for the number of days you will stay in Japan. Make sure you have an enough amount to satisfy your travel period.

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7 thoughts on “Quick Steps to get a Japan Tourist Visa (Philippine Passport)

    • kiwipot says:

      Hi Jaione,
      Thats a good question. If you are OFW and have a valid Philippine Passport, You can apply for a Japan Tourist Visa in the current country you are in right now. In general: The passport containing your work visa, and another vaid ID, the ID pic, Visa application form are the only requirements.It really depends on the country you are in right now. To be sure and safe, please refer the the Japan embassy in the country you are working in. They will give you flyers or a list 🙂


  1. Jay B. Dulanas says:

    Hi hello…i would like to ask if truly needed for the ITR requirements?…how about the processing of being cross country?..thank you so much God Bless..

    Liked by 1 person

    • kiwipot says:

      Hi Jay, are you OFW too or touring in another country and applying there for a Japan Visa?
      It really depends on the country you are in. But in general, If you are OFW, ITR is not needed. Only needed are: valid passport with your work visa on it, another valid ID, and visa application form completely filled. If you are a seaman, that is what i do not know yet if the requirements are same as other OFWs.
      To be sure and safe, please visit the nearest Japan Embassy to inquire about this .
      I will get back to you when I get more information. Thanks. 🙂



  2. Jenny says:

    I am an OFW here in Canada and I would love my husband and I to visit Japan by end of this year. May I know what exactly should we do since I am here and he’s home? I expect the itinerary will be arranged then, before I arrived in the Philippines to “fetch” him and go travel.

    Thank you very much.


    • kiwipot says:

      Hi Jenny,
      You have two options, #1 you apply there in Canada while he applies in the Philippines or #2 you both apply in the Philippines. Since you will go and fetch him, I suggest #2 because it is a one stop for both of you and saves you from going to Japan embassy in Canada, unless you want to fly off after arriving? I agree, try to finish your itinerary first (this is a daily schedule) and tell him to prepare his requirements as listed above. Then when ready, you can both go to the agency in the Philippines to submit your requirements together. To be certain and sure, he can also contact an authorized agency in the Philippines to inquire more about this (link to agency are in the article above).



  3. Carmen says:

    Hi i just want to ask i am a ofw in saudi but im here now in philippines for 3 months vacation. Is it possible to apply a tourist visa in japan? Even if i dont have itr. Thank you.


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