S. Korea Tourist Visa 2015 ( Philippine Passport )

Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 10.58.25 AM Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 10.11.50 AM Here are the quick steps to apply for a Korean Tourist Visa (2015)

STEP1: Prepare required documents Required Documents

  • Valid Philippine Passport
  • Visa Application form
  • 1 pc Colored Photo with white background ( 3.5cmx4.5cm) – already paste it on application form
  • Bank Certificate
  • Bank Statement of account for the past 3months
  • NSO Birth Certificate
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Photocopy of passport biopage (page 2)
  • For Employed: ITR (Income Tax Return or Form 2316), Certificate of employment indicating leave of absence given /allowed, Pay slip for the last 3months
  • For Self-employed: ITR (Income Tax Return or Form 2316) , DTI certificate, Mayor’s permit


  • Only for those who travelled to an OECD member country: Photocopy the page of visa containing OECD member country*. (Original & Copy of  valid visas and arrival stamps to OECD  member countries for the past  5 years)
  • Additional documents: If you want to include helpful documents  to boost your chances of approval, it is highly encouraged. Example is a copy of your e-ticket/ return ticket, copy of your booked accommodation/ confirmed hotel reservations.

*If you travelled to an OECD member country before, your waiting visa period is only 3 working days. If not, regular waiting days are 5-7 working days. To see list of OECD member countries, click here

*TIP: to avoid hassle, bring all original copies of your documents plus photocopies of each

STEP 2: Submit completed requirements to the Korean Embassy (Open Mon-Fri , 9-11am only. No appointment system is needed) 

Address: 122 Upper McKinley Road, McKinley Town Center, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig city 1634, Philippines


    • The Korean Embassy is located at the corner of Upper Mckinley Rd. and C5 Rd, right beside the British Embassy.
    • From Guadalupe MRT Station or Market-Market, take the FTI-C5 jeepney. It will take 20 minutes from Guadalupe MRT Station and 7 minutes from Market-Market. From the Venice Piazza at Mckinley Hill, there is a free shuttle bus that will take you to Upper McKinely Rd.
    • The ride will take about 10 minutes. The Embassy is within walking distance from the last Bust Stop at Mckinley Rd.
    • When you take a cab/taxi, ask the driver to drop you off at the Korean Embassy at Mckinley Hill along C5 road, beside the British Embassy.


Q: Is there a visa fee that needs to be paid?
A: Visa is GRATIS or FREE of charge if you declare 59 days and below.

Q: Is Bank statement and Bank Certificate different documents?
A: Yes, They are separate documents. Bank certificate is a letter from the bank declaring that you indeed have an account with them. Bank Statement is documents showing that your account has been active for a duration of time, including the amount you have at the duration of that period.


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