RAMEN love

There are different ways to cook ramen.

1. RAMEN to go
preparation time: 15-20min

I am fond making these during flu season or winter time 🙂

ramen/ egg noodles
chicken breast, cut in thin pieces
firm tofu, cut in cubes
carrots, julienne
spring onions
mushroom: enokitake (optional)
jalapeno, julienne (optional)
vegetable oil or soya oil
sesame oil
fresh egg
ground black pepper

1- separate cartilage and bone of chicken and boil cartilage and bone in a pot to make a broth. cut chicken meat into thin slices or strips and set aside.
2- when broth comes to a boil, put in the ramen noodles and cook for only 2-3min, remove from pot (while saving the broth) and wash in cold water to prevent overcooking. Drain well and place in your bowl and put a tiny amount of sesame oil so noodles will not stick with each other. Continue boiling the broth making sure the lid is covered.
3- in another pan, heat up small amount of soya oil and quick stir the chicken breast for 1-2min. Then add mushroom and tofu and stir fry for 1min.
4- Once chicken,tofu, mushroom are ready, put on top of the noodles and add the carrots and chopped spring onions. Crack an egg and place it on top of the noodles.Check if the broth is ready and pour into the bowl.
*note: the broth must be boiling hot so the fresh egg will be cooked.
*for a spicier taste add the jalapeno


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