Top picks: Things you must try in Japan

Aside from visiting temples, castles, arcades and trying techy stuff around,  there are things you definitely shouldn’t miss trying when you are visiting in Japan. Here’s my top picks:

1. Green tea
There are a lot of varieties of green tea, even limited editions. Thats why you must grab your chance to try as much as you can. Some I have tried were green tea ice cream, cake, cookies, pudding, yogurt, chocolate and more. Its hard to find these items outside Japan so maximise your chances of trying these versions. These are the stuff I bought for breakfast 🙂


2. Sake
Sake is their traditional drink also known by westerners as “rice wine”. There are two known types and there are different varieties. If you get a chance, stop by a sake brewery to see how they’re made. You can get one of these tiny sake packages for souvenirs also.

20150501_120402 20150430_082711 copy

3. Sleeping in a Ryokan
Ryokans are Japanese traditional houses. Sleeping overnight is enough to have an experience of this. They may come pricey.

4. Japanese Street food
Even with street food, there is art in preparing it. Watch and observe some interesting moves and enjoy the delightful foods in every stall.


5. Traditional Costume
Dress up and walk around town in a kimono for a day. The best place to do this is in Kyoto. It is a traditional city with old buildings that will match your traditional attire when taking photos. Shops in town offer a package wherein they will provide the costume and dress you themselves. This was one of my memorable experiences.

20150430_014005 20150430_155020

6. Ride a Shinkansen / bullet train
Why miss riding the fastest train in the world? Definitely not. An 8 hour trip can be made in 2 hours with these babies.

Japanese Shinkansen HDR


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