Interesting finds in Japan

There is a lot of interesing ( unique, weird, odd, funny) things you will encounter in modern Japan. You don’t have to go far to find them because they are commonly seen in the big cities.

So here are some interesting things you might find along the way during your trip to Japan.

1. They change names of western movies. 


Fast and Furious 7 as seen on billboards (2015)


Despicable Me (2010)

Yes, you suddenly glance at a billboard and woah! Isn’t that…?? Yea it is.  But reason for this ( after asking around) is that they cannot literally translate the title to Japanese. If they do, it yields another meaning so they change it to the closest possible one that can be understood by them. If you go to Japan, don’t forget to spot one and take a snap, especially near the train stations 🙂

2. They like face masks… a lot

20150504_232810 mask-mask-mask

When you go to stores, you will definitely see a display section for a variety of masks. Options are either on how much filter it has, and others are just for plain design. Its fairly common seeing people of different ages wearing masks while walking on the streets all year round. In our case, we visited Japan during pollen season. In some places in Tokyo, they do wear mask for fashion. Other locals wear mask also if they are sick (an act, they say, of being responsible enough not to infect others).

3. And… eye patches too?


The eyepatch! It’s not that common as masks. But I started seeing a few random girls with the same plain white eyepatch or “gantai” here and there as I walk on the streets. At first I was thinking, “How can I see three random people with a left eye patch in one day?” And I thought it couldn’t be a costume really because they were in civilian clothes and one in a school uniform. With some search, I read it was connected to manga/ anime fans wanting to copy the clique.

Although not everyone with eyepatch do it for the clique. Some Japanese women do eyelid surgery to make their eyes bigger, hence requiring an eye patch.

4. They have techy toilets



This was what I was looking forward to see after reading it in a blog years ago. I call it the “magical toilet” !!! As soon as I landed in Japan, I rushed into the first restroom I could find and took a snap of this 🙂 They are warm toilet seats, with built in bidet/shower and dryer, and best of all, you have music! 🙂 I think there is nothing wrong having a pleasant time in the toilet. I definitely did.

Warning : Since the buttons are in Japanese , don’t be silly pressing them all. You sure dont want any water spraying on your face (like me). haha

5. They have funny english translations everywhere


I had to read some public signs twice or thrice to get what it meant. I appreciate the fact that they tried stating it in english. Although I may say they should improve on this and put more english signs since they will be hosting the olympics soon.

6. Vending Machines will take your orders in fast food restaurants


Like the magic toilet, this also was an interesting technology. On the screen, you are given a menu to pick an order. You then pay the machine with cash and the machine gives you a ticket to give to the server. The menu is mostly in Japanese. For us, we just clicked “recommended menu” and picked from the yummy pictures posted. Often fast food restaurants are manned by 2-3 people who are mostly in the kitchen.

7. Parking is more fun in Japan

Cool concept of parking is seen in Japan. You leave your car in a small space at a parking garage then a machine picks it up and places it in safely like a drawer in a cabinet! Aside from cars, they have the same concept for bikes too. This saves a lot of time and frustration finding a parking spot.

Thanks for reading! There’s a lot more interesting finds in Japan that I haven’t seen yet for sure. If you had encounters with those on this list or If you saw something interesting that didn’t make the list, please do share 🙂


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